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One World Breath

Just Released

SeaDragon Studios is thrilled to introduce One World Breath, a namesake teaser music video for their first song and debut upcoming album, EarthRise. A creative combination of original vocals, powerful ocean breaths, storytelling, and underwater magic!  With just one breath you become a part of our song, album, DNA, family, One World Breath.   

Discover heart-centered music-message originality, written and produced by Tom Foster and Pawan Patil, One World Breath (feat. Bodhi, Craig Foster and Dr. Jane Goodall) in collaboration with SeaDragon Studios.

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One World Breath is officially released in Palau at Our Ocean 2022.

Soak in the deeply emotional heart-centered rhythm calling on you to join in co-creating a movement toward ocean climate action.  Experience what makes this creative collaborative hotspot unique.  Experience the transformational nature of One World Breath.

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Why Breath?

Every half breath we take comes from the ocean; the other half from forests on land. Sea and Forests together, for one full breath.  For all of us. And wildlife too. It's simple: no ocean, no trees, no breath, no life.  Our message is too: in nurturing nature, nurture nurtures us. 

Let's improve our world.  And ourselves.

One breath at a time.  One World Breath


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