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One World Breath

Just Released

SeaDragon Studios is thrilled to introduce One World Breath, a namesake teaser music video for their first song and debut upcoming album, EarthRise. A creative combination of original vocals, powerful ocean breaths, storytelling, and underwater magic!  With just one breath you become a part of our song, album, DNA, family, One World Breath.   

Discover heart-centered music-message originality, written and produced by Tom Foster and Pawan Patil, One World Breath (feat. Bodhi, Craig Foster and Dr. Jane Goodall) in collaboration with SeaDragon Studios.

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One World Breath is officially released in Palau at Our Ocean 2022.

Soak in the deeply emotional heart-centered rhythm calling on you to join in co-creating a movement toward ocean climate action.  Experience what makes this creative collaborative hotspot unique.  Experience the transformational nature of One World Breath.

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Why Breath?

Every half breath we take comes from the ocean; the other half from forests on land. Sea and Forests together, for one full breath.  For all of us. And wildlife too. It's simple: no ocean, no trees, no breath, no life.  Our message is too: in nurturing nature, nurture nurtures us. 

Let's improve our world.  And ourselves.

One breath at a time.  One World Breath


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Donate a Breath
Donate for Breaths

give your breath voice 

In donating a breath, we're co-creating performance art to action together with you.  And we’d like the whole world to participate, irrespective of the barriers that keep us apart. 

We dreamed donate a breath, donate for breaths to ensure a cross section of young people from every single country and territory on earth (from indigenous communities too) feature in our creative work and climate action, now and forever.  We incorporate every single donated breath in our music, music videos and performance art.



With gratitude, we use donations to give breath, and give back, supporting inclusivity for all; supporting local climate action globally. 

If our music or mission moves you, subscribe to our newsletter.

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Music Performance

One World Breath 

Our values define our actions.  Our actions define our future. We believe in community and inclusivity.  We value our planet's many Earth Guardians: the indigenous people of the world who protect 80 percent of global biodiversity, wildlife in all its forms, and all those who seek a better future and are willing to do one small thing to secure it.  We seek tomorrow's ocean climate action, today.  How about you?

if "we are the world"
we better look inside and start loving ourselves powerfully 

 Leading up to the United Nations Conference of Parties, COP29, Azerbaijan (Nov 11 - 22, 2024) we will use your donated breath and dollar to capture the voices of young people across 195 countries, telling their stories, and sharing actions they take. 

With your help, young people will be represented at COP29 as we perform EarthRise LIVE, IN-PERSON with 400 young people and millions more participating live online, singing truth to power with voice and choice.  In turning up the heat, we might just help to turn down the temperature.  

The Invisible Hand Needs A Helping Hand, Lend Us Yours 

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